Team Store- Available Through 8/23

Now through August 23, we have a new team store option. While we will still use Steamroller throughout the year as an evergreen option, Deefort Sports (through Pat Laczkowski) has created a new jersey for us, as well as shorts, socks, and other items. We will ideally have a new jersey each year- same design, but a different “pop” color. The jersey was also designed to work with both navy or black.

Just like the last jersey we did through Steamroller, the cost to each referee will be $45. But that will come out of fall earnings- nobody needs to pay for the jersey out of pocket initially. So for the cost of less than one-half of a future match fee, you can grab this:

2021 Jersey

To order: go to and select the jersey. It will come up as a $0 item. If that’s all you want to get, you don’t have to select anything else- ordering other items is not mandatory. If you want it shipped to you, that will be a $10 cost. Select the red “Delivery to Door” button for that. Or, you can contact Pat to pick it up ( at no cost to you.

If you want to buy other items, certainly feel free to do so. The prices for most items are slightly better than Steamroller’s prices. I personally picked up the gray shorts and socks in both accent colors, using the bundle for one of them, as well as a few other things.

Comes in male and female cuts
Some of the options- many of these items can also be bundled

FYI- for the flags, they won’t have my name on them- they’ll have yours. And they come as a set of 2.

Will have both USA Rugby and NCR logos, and your name

The store closes on Monday August 23rd, so don’t wait! Ideally, most everyone would at least get the jersey. If sales go well, it’s possible that the jerseys in future years will be free of charge completely for our society.

Feel free to contact Pat at with any questions.

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