Game Management Guidelines, and Advantage Webinars

The newest version of the Game Management Guidelines have been released; they can be found here: There have been a number of really good webinars coming out recently, mainly from the Advantage team. These videos break down each section listed in the GMG. Here are links to all of their most recent sessions: reading “Game Management Guidelines, and Advantage Webinars”

Team Store- Available Through 8/23

Now through August 23, we have a new team store option. While we will still use Steamroller throughout the year as an evergreen option, Deefort Sports (through Pat Laczkowski) has created a new jersey for us, as well as shorts, socks, and other items. We will ideally have a new jersey each year- same design,Continue reading “Team Store- Available Through 8/23”

Global Law Trials

On August 1, World Rugby put into effect 5 new Global Law Trials. These trials focus on adding dynamism into the game, as well as player safety. You can access the trial information at The Global Law Trials will be in place across all countries and all levels of play- we need to beContinue reading “Global Law Trials”