Updates- Week of 9/13

First off- now that we’re underway, I hope everyone has had a great time getting back out there. There are a few pieces of information that I want to highlight:

  • Payments
    • For all Empire GU league matches (men’s D2, D3, and D4; women’s D2 and D3): Empire GU will be paying referees directly. The society will send a list to their administrators at the end of every month, and payments will go out after that. My understanding is all payments from Empire GU will be electronic. If that’s an issue, contact me and I can get a hold of Empire GU administrators (mattlakerugby@gmail.com)
      • B-side and friendlies will still be paid directly by the team to the ref
      • ARs will be paid through the society
    • For all College league matches (all divisions)- payments will go through the society. We will invoice every team within NYSRRS, and payments to referees will be taken care of by us at the end of the season.  
      • B-side and friendlies will still be paid directly by the team to the ref (aside from St. Bonaventure; those B-sides will be invoiced out as well)
      • ARs will be paid through the society
  • Peer Reviews
    • As part of our regional development efforts through ANCRR (Atlantic North Coalition of Rugby Referees), we want to expand our peer review efforts across the region. If you want to be peer reviewed (more of an informal conversation after they watch your match film), or if you want to review another referee, please fill out this survey:
  • Card Reporting
    • If you had to give out any yellow and/or red cards, please fill out the form on our website for each one (leagues are keeping track, and we will report all red cards to the competition organizers):

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